Who Is Eligible To Become A Dual Citizen With Italy Through Ancestry

Italian citizenship is not restricted to individuals with Italian grandparents or parents. You can go back as much as you need, however there are a Couple of quirky rules:

The ancestor you are attempting to file for citizenship through should have been living, and not a citizen of some other nation, on or after March 17, 1861. This is actually the date that Italy merged as a nation — Italian citizenship didn't exist prior to.

You are probably eligible for italian dual citizenship in case your ancestor naturalized after having children, meaning that they gave up their Italian citizenship to become a U.S. (or alternative ) citizens having children. To get more information about the italian dual citizenship, you can visit https://getitaliancitizenship.com/full-service-italian-dual-citizenship-assistance/ .

italian dual citizenship

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When they gave up their citizenship prior to having children, regrettably, you will not qualify for dual citizenship. What's this? But if they had their children before naturalizing, then everybody down the line follows that's technically Italian in the view of law. 

If you meet the requirements, when applying for dual citizenship, then you would be regaining your birthright. But in case your ancestors naturalized before having children, they finished their Italian lineup. This is only because they were not Italians if they had children, they had been Americans (or where ) with children.

Your ancestor is going to need to get naturalized after July 1, 1912, or even to haven't naturalized. This is since Italy's contemporary citizenship rules went into effect on July 1, 1912, and thus anybody who naturalized before this season became ineligible to pass citizenship.

If you are attempting to have citizenship during your maternal line, her children must have been born after January 1, 1948. Until then, Italy did not let girls pass citizenship. But as 2009 individuals have been contesting this in court in Rome.

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