Water Features And Ponds

Water in the garden will always add an extra dimension and expand your options to design your garden. The most obvious place for water will be in the pond or water feature.

When it comes to choosing a top pond pump there is a wide range of choices and certainly, one that will make your garden stand out from the rest.

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Designing your water feature

Gardens of various sizes can accommodate some form of a pond or water feature. Note that some style ponds that is more suitable for certain areas.

A pond is meant to attract wildlife with a natural appearance that may look good in an informal garden style, but in the garden with a formal design may look out of place.

Your pool can be as simple or extravagant as your budget allows. A pond surrounded by a small wall topped with coping stones and pier caps around the border can look beautiful but a small pool with some pretty plants can look equally amazing.

Design the layout of your final pool will be determined by the elements you like and enjoy, but there are also some practical considerations that you will need to consider.

To grow the widest range of possibilities for the plant, you will need a pond with several different levels that can accommodate a variety of deep water, marginal, and lovers of moisture on the edge. For wildlife to gain access you must include at least one sloping edge in your pool design.

Another option is to build your water feature at two levels. Water can cascade down from the top level and then circulated back to the upper level with a pump.

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