Unable To Perform Netgear Extender Setup? Follow These Steps

After buying a new extender, what is the first thing that you do? I’m sure you would straightway look for steps for Netgear Extender setup. If you are already trying to set up your new extender, but couldn’t do so due to some reasons, then you need to find what those reasons could be. Here is the detail of some of the common reasons that could prohibit you from setting up your WiFi Range Extender.

Incompatible Router – If you are using a very old router and trying to connect Netgear Extender with it, then it may not happen. You need to check if there is a WPS button on the router or not. If there is no such button on the device, then you can try connecting both devices using an Ethernet cable, but if the router is working on outdated technology, then the process may not be successful.

No Internet – If you have connected the extender to your router using WPS method or using an Ethernet cable, and also connected the extender to the computer, yet not able to launch my wifi ext net webpage, then you need to check whether the internet is working or not.

These are the two most common reasons why you can face issues during Netgear Extender setup process. For solutions, you can get in touch with experts.

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