The Purposes And Types Of Fraternities And Sororities

There are two basic types of fraternities and sororities. First of all, there are the honor fraternities that allow both men and women members as they are based on academic excellence. Many colleges have a variety of honor fraternities based on major or field of study. So, you may be accepted into the math fraternity or something of that nature although they all have Greek fraternity names. Then, there are the social fraternities and sororities.

The social fraternities and sororities are based on individuals rushing a particular house, or houses, and then receiving bids. Of all the men and women who rush each semester the houses decide on who they want to offer an invitation to join their sorority or fraternity. For those who are chosen it is a great honor. For more information, visit and other reputed websites too.

Many times to show that one has been accepted into a fraternity or sorority the sisters or brothers will show up at the pledge’s dorm room with sorority clothing or fraternity clothing that marks their acceptance as one of the brothers or sisters. Nobody wears fraternity clothing if they aren’t part of that particular fraternity. As a result receiving a t shirt with the Greek letters of your new sorority or fraternity is a very special moment. But, what are the social fraternities’ purpose?

Many of the social fraternities and sororities claim to be service oriented. However, they are more social based than service based despite doing some good for the community. Most of the sisters and brothers are required to take part in a variety of different service activities through the year although there are considerably more parties than community activities. Nevertheless, sororities and fraternities do some good for their communities and many times team up for fundraisers.

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