The History of Timber Frame Houses

Timber has been used as a building material in buildings. Some of the oldest timber houses and the earliest timber frame buildings today shows how durable this construction is.

Although timber has been out of date in recent centuries, in modern times, despite advances in other building techniques, timber frame and truss in Gosford has come to life and shows the continued popularity of timber frame houses.

When timber-framed houses were first built, grouting was the most common technique, but much thicker niches and dots soon followed, creating a strong and durable frame. 

Over the centuries, other methods of building timber became common, including box frame construction and drywall construction, with box frame construction becoming more common.

Another technique that has become very popular is the port, where the upper floor area is extended beyond the outer walls. Sometimes more than one floor was added by jets leading to houses whose upper floors led directly into the street. 

Timber became more difficult to find as it was increasingly used for ships and fuel. Most buildings continued to use timber frames but in the following centuries, it became less modern and now it has made new advancements in designing the timber-framed houses. Timber frame homes were revived, as well as the United States now have more affordable mass-production techniques and quality.

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