The Basics: How To Make Wine?

You must have a look to the summary of the wine making procedure that you can do right at your own kitchen or backyard of that part of your home where you are most comfortable at.

The Process of Fermentation

This is the process when the yeast feeds on the sugar and creates two by-products: alcohol or ethanol and carbon dioxide. Hence, in order for you to accomplish this, you will definitely need wine yeast and sugar (or any sugary product) that are mixed together. You can also look for the best wine education online via

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This is the second stage on how to make wine. Racking is when you transfer or what wine makers call "siphon" the wine from the first container to the second container. You should do this after about letting the must ferment for 10 days so that dead yeast won't get in the way or affect the flavour of your wine.


For two to four weeks, the airlock on the bottle must be on and the bottle must be properly sealed. At the end of this period, you should already have your first homemade wine. But actually, the longer you let it sit in the second bottle, the better tasting your wine will get so it is totally up to you if you want to open the bottle at the end of the 4th week.


On how to make wine, you don't just prepare your bottles and corks towards the end of the wine making process. These should of course have been ready right at the start. You may ask for used bottles and corks in your local stores but again, remember to clean and sterilize them well.

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