Shipping Goods on a Flatbed Trailer

People who ship large machines or pipes often struggle with what type of flatbed trucks will they require to transport their shipments.

Basically, there are three types of flatbed trucks.

1) A regular flatbed

2) Lower deck flatbed

3) Reduction of the double-deck flatbed

The main difference between the three types of flatbed trailers is the height of the material they can bring. Problems with the delivery of the goods on the flatbed are to make sure they can fit under the bridge, cables, etc. on highways and streets. You can also hire a  flatbed truck service via or any other online sources.

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Summary of the width and height restrictions of a flatbed truck are listed below:

1. Every delivery of more than 8 '6 "in width is considered more broadly. Anything over 12' wide needs a companion.

2. The maximum length allowed before the license is 10% longer than the length Trailer

3. The maximum height for a flatbed is 8 '6 ".

    – The maximum height for a single drop deck 10 '2 "

    – The maximum legal height for double drop deck 11 '6 ".

(Anything higher than that can be moved, but you need special permission and the truck must be guided so that there is no problem with the bridge)

Other considerations:

Some shipments may be loaded or unloaded by crane. You should check whether the crane is required or not. Crane is very expensive and is usually booked only when they are required. You must closely coordinate the arrival of cranes and trucks in order to avoid wastage of money and time.

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