Reasons Why To Invest In Mens Wooden Watches

In the age of smart phones and portable technology watches have put into the backseat in terms of being a men's accessory.

But in terms of status icons and the ability to add a touch of old world class to any ensemble added, traditional watches are still very much the go-to accessory .

Wooden hand watch, add that classic touch of class with a unique, natural twist. Imagine a suave man smoking cigar in one hand and wearing a wooden watch in one.  It enhances the personality. 

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Wooden Watches

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There are many reasons to own a wooden watch, but here are the top reasons to invest in a unique watch, that you and your descendants cherish for generations.

Unique Style Watch

If a watch is made of wood, it is completely unique. No two with hardwood watches can always be the same. Nature is infinite in its diversity, particularly  when it comes to wood grain.

The color, the shape, direction and width of the grain depends on the type of tree, the cut of the wood and the stain that it preserves.

It is impossible, every two watches seem like the same, even if they are cut from the same tree.

wood watches eco friendly

As a natural resource, wood is always renewable compared to metal or plastic. Trees grow on every populous continent in the world.

With the amount of responsible forestry in the last few years, the world is not running out of wood anytime soon. Artists create art by using hardwoods, softwoods and bamboo such as furniture, sculptures and watches.

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