Reasons for Oily Hair


Healthy hair is known to be capable of producing oil or sebum which offers protection to the hair and also keep the scalp hydrated. However, the production of oil depends on the individual’s hair type along with factors such as lifestyle and hygienic habits. If you feel that your hair is producing more amount of oil, then these are some of the causes behind this.

  1. Over-Washing – Over washing of the hair is probably the number one reason that leads to oily hair. Although it is considered fine to wash your hair daily. However, washing the hair forces the scalp to send signal to produce more oil. The more times you wash your hair, then the scalp gets the signal to produce more oil leaving behind nothing but buildup of oil.
  2. Type of Hair – People with straight hair are more sensitive to oil collection. This is because of the hair shaft not having enough texture that forces the oil to slide down and get accumulated all over the head. Moreover, the visibility of the oil can be clearly seen that makes the hair hang down.
  3. Products – Using hair products are also known to cause the hair with more oil. This is because, the sebum if a form of oil that keeps getting produced whenever an individual washes or skips using the shampoo and only uses conditioner. Although, in the beginning it looks like oil is disappearing however, after a while, it starts to reappear even more.

You may want to consider doing keratin treatment for thin hair at home to get rid of excessive oil.

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