Protecting Yourself Against Trojan Viruses

Trojan viruses are a form of malware or a virus on the computer that requires action by the user's computer or other malicious program to spread to other computers. They masquerade as useful files or programs and infect your computer when it is opened or downloaded.

They normally take advantage of security flaws in operating systems or web browsers in order to further exploit the computer attack. Once a virus Trojan horse is prepared on a computer, it can download additional computer viruses and spyware. However, there are various security solutions that you can take for securing web sessions via .

Danger Trojan virus

Trojan viruses are normally created to allow a hacker to gain access to or information from a computer system. The control mode can be varied to take complete control of the single user transmission connection and password information at a remote site.

Other malicious actions that Trojan viruses have been known to drive are:

  1. total control -gaining away from the targeted computer,
  2. Using the infected computer to attack other computers,
  3. Stealing private information from the infected computer (passwords, bank information, etc.),
  4. Download additional computer malware.

How a computer infected by Trojan virus?

Trojan viruses use a number of methods to infect targeted computers. Generally, they are way as a useful file or program that the end user opens or manually installed on their computer.

The following methods are known to have been used by them to infect computers:

  1. Peer to share files peer (infecting mp-3, movies, etc. that are shared online)
  2. Infected attachments,
  3. Infect "cracked" software programs,
  4. Active x controls on malicious websites and

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