Process Of Visa Services In Australia

Every country has its norms and conditions regarding visa services, so is with the visa services in Australia. There is an immigration department in each country for helping the public to enter the jurisdiction by following complete legal processes.

There is an individual embassy for every outside country and an expert lawyer to handle the visa cases. You can also browse to to get more information about visa services in Australia.

Specialized Australian migration lawyers

If you are in the hunt for a specialized migration lawyer in Australia, who can help you in moving from Thailand to Australia, then you can seek professional help from the attorney dealing in the same cases. Firstly you have to apply for both temporary and permanent visas for Australia to the department.

Visa Services in Australia Fortunately, if all the legalities are fulfilled and verified and are found in your favor, you will be granted a temporary partner visa that will be valid until the final decision is taken on your permanent visa application with a partner, which usually takes 2 years from the date of applying.

There are conditions when you can be granted a permanent partner visa before two years and they are:

1. During the filing of the application, the applicant should be in a marriage for at least 3 years or in a de facto relationship for the same tenure.

2. When the application is filed by the applicant for a permanent visa, they should be in a marriage with the partners for at least 2 years and there must be a child dependent on them from their relationship

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