Mobile Based Retail Analytics

Mobile services based retail is the new buzz word in the industry retail analysis. Adoption of smartphones and tablets has changed the way retailers do business. Because of tough competition retailer explores new ways to gather more information in less time and make a decision on a fast phase. If you want to know the advantages to using an executive search firm then you are at the right place.

Mobile Based Retail Analytics

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Every day is a new challenge with more number of factors that contribute to their success in this highly competitive world.Applications built on Inventory, Finance, Commission, Employees, Business Intelligence, Performance Metrics, Sales, Customer, and many other areas.

Smartphone penetration is more than 100% in developed countries and developing; there is great potential for applications that provide valuable information in real-time anywhere.

During a recent shutdown blackberry server, companies reported a decline in the efficiency of their employees by 50-60% which indicates the adoption of smartphones and importance.

One of the leading tablets manufactures has taken the consumer market by storm and several retailers began to adopt it for customer service.

The average retailer currently is investing about $ 14,000 in tablet commerce tools, according to a Forrester Research study titled Why Tablet Commerce May Trump Mobile Commerce. Furthermore, the study also noted that 30% of retailers are currently planning to roll out a tablet strategy to help store associates increase in-store purchases.

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