LinkedIn Marketing – How To Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Business

The LinkedIn profile is one of the most powerful businesses in marketing strategies. Your profile should be easily found and indexed by search engines. Do not use the default, but rather customize it so that you use a branded link. 

Make sure that you use the "full view" option, so your company details will be open to the public. Renowned companies will use their company name as it is recognized. For more information about Linkedin marketing visit

LinkedIn Marketing

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However, if you use a small company then use a relevant keyword and new people will find out about you and what your company does. Since Google gives LinkedIn profiles a high ranking, it will usually help search engines find your website.

Since your company profile usually contains details about your company and employee contacts, people will be able to find someone who can reach out to get more information about you. Think of ways to promote this URL in company communication and documentation, email, etc. 

You can think of your company's profile page as a type of business directory. Updating your profile page with new content is easy if you connect it to new blog postings then link your profile page to your marketing website or blog. Also when new people search their contact network for contacts in these areas then your information and contact details will be front and center.

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