Knowledge On Reverse Glass Painting

After painting on the glass for a few years, I have decided to make a list of things that can help a lot to do reverse glass painting.

First of all, you need all the required art glass supplies to complete your project. If you want to buy affordable art glass supplies, you may get redirected here.

Wissmach Glass Bright Blue Transparent, Luminescent, 3mm COE90

After that, the list goes on. It is useful to keep a lot of fabric. Soft cotton is by far the best to use. Polyester, knits, silk and silk-like material is not good at all. Cut at least half of the fabric into pieces that measure about 6 "8", approximately square, but do not waste time to be fussy about this.

Have a single-edged razor handy. There will be times when there is not enough space to 'erase' with a small cloth. Mistakes can be cut with a razor after the paint is dry in the event.

There must be a place in your work area for a roll of paper towels and a bottle of window cleaner. Although you will start off with a clean glass panel, there will be more time drying of painting time involved.

A low table enough to work on is important. You should be able to see all the parts of the job at any time. If the table is too high, it will be uncomfortable to work in. I have two tables to work in my studio, both made of iron treadle sewing machine bases, with peak pine boards.

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