Know Your Social Media Marketing Plan

If you are a marketer you will already be familiar with marketing strategies and plans. Social Media Marketing is no different – to be successful you have to have a strategy.

Do you want to use Social Media Marketing to launch new products, promote existing ones, increase customer loyalty or increase brand awareness, social media strategy is very important to know where you are going, what you want to achieve from your Social Media Marketing efforts and resources what resources you will need. If you are looking for social media marketing then you can visit

So what should your Social Media strategy contain?

I recommend that you include details of the nine key areas and add as much as you need for your specific business. Use this article as a checklist and brainstorming tool.

1. Target your audience: Who they are and how they prefer to network? What social media tools they use today?

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2. Your goal: What they are and how you plan to achieve it? Do you want to attract more prospects? Increase customer loyalty? Attract new audiences? Getting a buzz for your project? You should know the answers to these questions.

3. Your competitors: Do they have a great social media presence, or not at all? What kind of campaign they are doing? If they do nothing, you can take advantage. Google your competition and see what you find.

4. Your Social Media content: You plan to use video, audio, or written content? See what your audience likes and use what they like to use.

5. Social Media Tools: Will you use YouTube, blogs, Twitter, Facebook? Not every device will work for you; some will work better than others. Often the only way to find out is to try it and see. Having a strategy to make it easier for you to make a decision as to what to try and why. You can track the results of each tool you try.

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