Introduction To Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers usually are chosen by people and businesses who are looking to upgrade from a shared server plan because they have outgrown their shared server. They need more bandwidth and space to run their applications and handle higher amounts of traffic. 

These servers host a single client on the server. A dedicated server hosting  provider rents or leases the server to the client for a recurring monthly fee. Minimum server host monitoring and maintenance includes network connectivity, computer hardware, and routing equipment. 

Dedicated Servers

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There are two types of setup – managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. Unmanaged dedicated servers have a very small amount of support. Also, with unmanaged servers, the client is responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the server.

A dedicated hosting server provides comprehensive hosting solutions. They will set up, install, take over the server, install software and software upgrades, provide 24/7 monitoring of the server and provide 24/7 customer and technical support. 

A managed setup is chosen by those who have limited IT resources or limited time to manage the server. Dedicated server providers keep their setup in data centers so that they can closely monitor them. 

A dedicated solution provides a large number of resources and the customer has more control than a shared server. The client can install whatever software they want which makes this server very flexible.

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