Installing Paint Protection Film

The Xpel paint protection film is gaining more and more popularity as a means to protect the valuable painting against road debris and other hazards. Many professional installers are available to do the job and are often the best option for many people.

But for those of a do it yourself nature, the film can be successfully applied by someone with patience and a bit of common sense. To know more information about the Xpel paint protection film, you can visit

xpel paint protection film

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Paint protective film is a laminate of thermoplastic urethane which usually comes in rolls. The film adheres to the surface of the vehicle using a pressure-sensitive, acrylic adhesive.

The first step in the application process is to gather supplies of Xpel paint protective film. The necessary elements are the film application solution, squeegee, and Exacto knife.

The next step is to measure and cut the film. Several manufacturers offer custom kits that come with the film pre-cut to fit a particular model of car. 

Now comes the preparation of the car. The paint must be impeccable. Any dirt or debris left on the painting will be trapped under the film and impossible to remove.

Now it's time to apply the film. Will be applied using the application solution to wet the surface of the film. 

The last step is to use your Exacto knife to trim the edges to fit perfectly. Be careful not to cut into the paint. If the initial measurements were correct, there should not be much paint protection film to be cut.

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