How to Get on Top of Your Weed Control Situation

Gardeners dream about a weed-free garden the way regular people might dream about winning the lottery or something. To any gardener, weeding isn't just a boring chore to get around to from time to time. Sometimes, it can even be a bit scary; as when dandelions or lambsquarters just overtake your garden in the matter of two or three days. And even as you're picking and weeding the bad plants away, you always know that there will be more in about three days. Weed control can be a scary thing.

Basically, when it comes to the weeds in your garden, you're outnumbered. You can try and trun the soil over using a garden tiller, for example but, inevitably the weeds are back in a few short days.

There are thousands of them the can take in your garden any time they choose, and there's just one of you. Clearly, this is a situation that needs a strategy. The thing about weed control is that weed seeds can just get into your soil and keep sprouting for years after the weed leaves your space. Weed control then comes down in large part to finding a way to see to those seeds out.

When you buy new manure for your garden, often, the manure will also contain lots of weed seeds too from whatever the animal has been grazing on. You need to do a good job of destroying those seeds before the manure goes into your garden. To do this, always compost your manure first. If you're getting hay for your compost heap, hay contains lots of weed seeds too always. Make sure that you compost it well for the whole season.

If you ever should buy any soil for your garden, carefully go through all of it to see if there are any weed roots in there. A single root can completely overtake your garden. Keep a watch out for weeds in your garden, and get rid of them before they have a chance to go to the seeding stage. And keep an eye out every evening for any seeds that can blow in your garden in the air dandelions, thistles and daisies do this. It's always a good idea to get your weeds to grow before your real plants have a chance. What that means is, that each season, before you actually plant the plants you want, you should turn and aerate the soil first.

Any weed seeds in there will take this as an encouraging sign and start sprouting. This will be your chance to find out where they are and approved them. Weed control is important not just for how weeds can crowd your good plants and rob them of soil nutrients and moisture. They can also be bad for the way they can contain growth inhibition hormones. That's right, the weeds in your garden plants like pigweed for instance actually put out hormones that can stop the good plants from growing.

If worse comes to worst, weedicides are always an option.

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