Fertigation As A Precision Agriculture Tool

Fertigation is a fertilizer application procedure where dissolved fertilizers are sent into the harvest through the irrigation method. The most advanced greenhouse fertigation systems & technology provides the chance to apply precise levels of fertilizers and water into the harvest, and so, if made properly, can be a significant precision agriculture technologies.

Normally, concentrated fertilizer alternatives are ready in tanks, and are subsequently injected into the irrigation water, utilizing fertilizer injectors. The use of fertigation can solve many problems in your greenhouse. Which are the qualities of fertigation which make it a precision agriculture technologies?

Precise Quantity: Fertigation allows the targeted and precise application of fertilizers and water into the origin system. Unlike the broadcast fertilizer program, trickle irrigation allows for exact amounts of fertilizers and water to be implemented in near proximity to the root zone of each plant.

Precise Moment: Nutrients can be implemented at the time they're needed by the harvest. In the lack of a fertigation system, it's hard, or perhaps impossible, to use fertilizers when crops are bigger and accessibility to the area is constrained.

In many kinds of fertigation, this restriction doesn't exist. When the fertigation system is set up, fertilizers are readily implemented at the ideal growth phase, according to the necessities of the harvest.

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