Faster Hair Growth Herbal Methods

Traditional herbs have been used for centuries to treat all sorts of health problems and conditions as well as for cosmetic purposes but in modern times with a fast paced society and obsession with quick-fix solutions, much knowledge has been lost or forgotten. There are many hair growth method that work great for hairs.

Fortunately, the cosmetic industry has been quick to latch on the power of herbs, especially for hair care, and we are now able to buy lots of mother natures solutions in bottles or packages. 

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Our hair is our crowning glory as they say so we are keen to keep our key to a long and beautiful and many of us want to promote faster hair growth but with so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to choose.

Hair follicles rely on a number of nutrients to ensure a healthy and vibrant growth and if those nutrients are missing then the result is a dry, thin, reduced hair growth and possibly hair thinning and hair loss.

Herbs can facilitate faster hair growth in basically two different ways. Some herbs stimulate the hair follicles into action thereby facilitating new hair growth and there are others that have an impact on certain enzymes in the body, especially the 5 alpha-reductase that converts to dihydrotestosterone. High levels of DHT is known to cause thinning hair and hair loss.

Herbs that contribute to faster hair growth

o Saw palmetto (Seranoa repens) – It may be one of the best known herbs for treating hair loss and promote hair growth faster.

o Nettles (Urtica dioica) – Nettles have long been renowned for their medicinal properties, especially for prostate health. They also have an inhibitory effect on two different enzymes, 5 alpha-reductase and aromatase.

o Pygeum (Pygeum africanum) – derived from pine bark and is a popular drug for treating male pattern baldness.

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