Fashion Stylists And Personal Stylists – What’s The Difference?

Although fashion designers and personal stylists work with clothing and visual appearance, it is a big difference in their job descriptions. The terms of “personal stylist "and" fashion designer "are sometimes used interchangeably, which has created some confusion about the roles of these people in the world of fashion, so we believe it is necessary to try to differentiate between the two.

To begin with, fashion designers and personal stylists, or "image consultants," as they are often called, operate in different fields. Fashion stylists also work with clothing designers, helping to create a "look" especially for their parades and brochures, and can even work in the film industry in collaboration with the costume department of "style" costumes that will use the actors. For more details, you may visit

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A branch of the conventional type of fashion designer is the famous stylist. These people work primarily with celebrities specifically, often determining what they will use on the red carpet for awards ceremonies and raw films, for example. Sometimes they act as image consultants, giving their clients famous personalized advice on what they should wear daily, but the leading celebrity-style role of the famous stylist for official public appearances.

Image consultants, on the other hand, work primarily on a personal level with people who want to improve their appearance and the way others perceive them visually. It is common for image consultants for accessories to wear clothes, hair, and makeup to help their clients look better. The image of some advisors even includes posture, speech, and body language as part of the visual aspect, they work according to the principle that everything related to the visual influences it.

As you can see in the above, the image of fashion designers and consultants while working with clothes and appearance, but that is where the similarity of the roles they play every day ends are somewhat different.

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