Experience Some of these Spiritual Things In Japan


Japan as a country is home to some of the best spiritual experiences in the world. From a visit to the Shinto Shrine to a visit to the Buddhist Temple, you can observe tons of rituals during your visit to Japan. Moreover, while heading to such places, you are bound to appreciate the natural surroundings of the country. If you wish to experience these spiritual things, then consider a visit to these places mentioned below.

  1. Head Over to the Golden Temple –One of the best ways to experience a series of spiritual things is to visit the golden temple of Kyoto. Although this temple gets flocked with tourists however, from a distance it looks absolutely stunning.
  2. Stay in a Temple – Head over to mountain town called koya-san in order to spend a night at one of the temples. The rooms are cheaper and also weird due to minimalistic interiors. This means, the rooms only have a table and chair along with floor-bed. Sounds uncomfortable. However, the experience is the opposite of this.
  3. Visit a Zen Garden to Meditate – If you wish to experience meditation, then you need to head over to one of the Zen gardens. Some of the Zen gardens are found in kyoto with the likes of Kennin-ji, Jodai-ji, Ryoan-ji, etc.
  4. Head over to a Few Temples at Nikko –Another popular mountain town in Japan is Nikko that is home to UNESCO World Heritage based temples. Make sure you visit the temples at this popular town where you get to see tons of beautiful features and attractions.

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