Different Types of Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles gaining high popularity due to its easy installation and pocket-friendly prices. These days this tile is categorized into various types. A different type is used not only in offices but is suitable for interior decoration of the house, used in hospitals and schools. Especially they are appealing to people who want to increase their creativity in decorating. Let's discuss some of the tiles are well-known in detail.

Woven Carpet Tiles:

Woven carpet tiles are generally thicker and expensive. These tiles are made with a loom. different colored yarns are used to make these tiles and more manpower is needed, which is why they are much expensive. You can buy area rugs online through various sources.

Tufted Tiles:

Tufted tiles made by the tufting machine. Yarn used in it is colorless and after sewing with thread machine that died in the pattern. tufted tiles is not much thicker and is commonly used in various parts of the house.

Flat weave Tiles:

Flat weave carpet tiles are knitted with yarn to form embroidery. Knitting is done horizontally and vertically to form beautiful designs. They are often used as a carpet. They are quite durable and they are the front and rear looks exactly the same.

Vinyl Tiles:

The tile is installed with the support weave vinyl tiles. Vinyl tile backing provides durability and they do not curl up in a corner. Many types of carpet tiles can be attached to the vinyl support to get strong support.

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