Corten Steel – A Popular Choice For Artists and Modern Architects

Corten steel is a structural class that is also known as weathering steel because it forms a protective layer of rust when exposed to the elements of the atmosphere.

It is found in a variety of industrial applications including bridges and steel frame structures. However, in recent years has been the focus of aesthetic material to modern sculpture and is commonly used by leading artists and architects. If you're looking for corten steel sculpture, you can browse various online sources.

So why is there such interest?

The reason for this popularity is quite simple. Corten is structural grade steel so it has a good yield and tensile strength.

It has good weldability and forming characteristics as well. But the main reason for its appeal is growing in the world of art and architecture is due to the appearance of natural countryside.

Corten Sculpture

As the level of the surface of the steel reacts with elements in the atmosphere, the material itself forms a protective layer of rust that almost orange like in appearance.

No need painting or treating in any way, the steel is for all intents and purposes 'self-healing'. The only exception to this is when the ingredients are submerged in water, in this case the outer surface would require treatment of some kind.

It is little wonder that this steel that require little maintenance and interesting and fun in eye color, has become such a popular material for a new generation of artists, sculptors and architects.

Corten in Arts and Modern Architecture

You may not realize it, but Corten steel popping up everywhere. A famous example is the statue in the north of England called the 'Angel of the North' – stands over 20 meters high and with a wingspan of 54 meters, the statue that sits on a hill outside Gateshead and beside busyA1 street, welcome new visitors to the area.

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