Cloud Backup and Storage Options for Businesses

A large number of businesses have already converted, or are looking to convert, to cloud storage for backup or file sharing. This essentially involves outsourcing some of your storage requirements to a provider and is especially useful when enabling flexible working for your staff.

Employees, partners and even clients can be provided with rights to access your data stored on the cloud and so can access that data from anywhere. You can visit this website to get secure cloud computing services in Australia.

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So with this in mind, here is the low-down on your cloud storage options:

Personal Use

If you are an Apple user, you may be interested to know that Apple's recently released iCloud service them. Already installed on Apple's new device, iCloud automatically backs up your content, email, contacts, etc. for your 5GB of free cloud storage.

Cloud for Backup

If you are not a user of Apple (and do not plan to be) there are various options for cloud backup simple. Norton Cloud Backup will automatically synchronize files and folders on up to 5 PCs, tablet, laptop or mobile device that provides a backup of all your files. They are government-grade encryption, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your data is safe.

Small-Group Use

If you are looking for a cloud storage option that allows you to share data within the team then you will, at some point, find yourself investigating people like DropBox or MS SkyDrive.

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