Chinese New Year And Fireworks

Out of the several parties and festival for China, Chinese New Year would be deemed the most crucial of all. Chinese households residing in a different region of the nation will make it a point to collect together for Chinese New Year. 

On the occasion of Chinese New Year the city lights up with fireworks and you will find a festive atmosphere wherever you go. You can find the best chinese new year fire works via .

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Start of Chinese New Year Celebrations

New Year parties start with a grand dinner. This is the area where family members eat together, wherever they are in the nation, they sit together for a fantastic meal.

Reunion dinner is always celebrated in the home but from the past several decades, an increasing number of families tend to have their reunion dinner at a fantastic restaurant.

After supper, accurate to the Chinese character, mahjong tiles, and playing cards will look like a gaming session among family members will begin. When the clock strikes twelve, this is the time where you hear firecrackers and the fire functions being dismissed everywhere. The firecrackers indicate the official beginning of New Year.

Either you are eight or a eighty year old everyone enjoy these fireworks with great enthusiasm. But from the last few decades, the Chinese government has clamped down on firecrackers and fireworks in the cities due to fire hazards. These days fireworks is most likely to take place in the countryside and villages .

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