Best Traditions and Ceremonies to Witness While Visiting Fiji Island


One of the best holiday destinations in the world is Fiji Island. This tiny island is perfect for every age who wishes to have a great time with group of friends and family members. This island is the perfect destination to experience white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, and water sport activities such as surfing, swimming, snorkeling and more. Apart from the best things to do in Fiji is to experience the traditions and ceremonies in Fiji. These are some of the best ceremonies every traveler must witness while heading over to Fiji Island.

  1. Lovo Feast – If you wish to experience the local food of Fiji in the most delicious manner, then you need to experience this ceremony. Majority of the food is made with the use of local spices, banana leaves and coconut stalks making it absolutely delicious.
  2. Meke–If dancing is what you love to see, then make sure you experience the Meke ceremony. This ceremony is all about locals coming together and showcasing a great performance with the use of gongs, claps, chants, bamboo sticks and drums.
  3. Yaqona Ceremony – Probably, the most and popular ceremony in Fiji is the Yaqona ceremony. This ceremony is all about drinking their national drink is Kava made out of the roots of pepper plant that is grinded into a paste and then mixed with water. The drink is served on top of a coconut shell where the tourist needs to clap first, say ‘Bula’ and then hand it over to the next tourist.

These are some of the best ceremonies you need to experience during your time in Fiji private island.

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