Best Linux Distros of 2020

Little by little Linux is growing. In this article, I am going to give you a list of some cool Linux distros. I have selected some of the best Linux distros for 2020. If you are new to Linux and want to select a good distro, then the following list will help you. To install these Linux distros, you have to use a bootable USB creator software. I recommend using Rufus as it is very stable. You can download Rufus from the following link.

Now lets get back into my list.

Linux Mint Cinnamon

Linux Mint Cinnamon is a super stable distro. This distro can be rated as flawless in terms of user experience. Installing software is easy, extremely customizable, and has an active community ready to solve any problem. It is not resource-hungry like Ubuntu. You can use Rufus to install Linux Mint Cinnamon on your computer.

However, the desktop of Linux Mint Cinnamon is a little bit complicated. The Cinnamon desktop is not exactly light-weight. However, if you have a 4 GB of RAM and a fairly decent processor, you wont have any issues running Linux Mint Cinnamon. This distro is perfect for those who want an experience similar to Windows XP. Dont get me wrong Linux Mint Cinnamon is much more advanced than that. Its just the UI that is kind of similar.


We can not talk about Linux distros without talking about Ubuntu. Ubuntu is not a light-weight operating system. However, the performance of Ubuntu is much snappier when compared to Windows. It has a large community behind it and has tons of applications available. If your PC can run Windows 10 smoothly, then you will be able to run Ubuntu without any issue. You can easily install Ubuntu using Rufus USB.

Zorin OS

This is the best Linux distro for Windows lovers. Zorin OS is available in several versions. Some of the versions are paid and one version is available for free. However, they are generally very similar. The paid versions provide some advanced customization options. Free versions are not that customizable.

The best thing about Zorin OS is that it can execute EXE files easily. There is no doubt that its main target audience is those who want to give Linux a try but not attracted to the aesthetics of distros like Ubuntu. Zorin OS is very stable and snappy. It has a very pleasing user interface that is very easy to use. So these are my favorite distros and I hope you all learned something today.

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