Benefits of Online Charity Auctions

Charities are always vying to raise money for their valuable goals. This is a way you might not know.

From live events, community exhibitions and majestic galas, there are many ways to raise money and awareness for meaningful goals. Through the internet, charities can reach not only more people from all corners of the world, but, if smart about it, also raise more money than ordinary fundraising efforts.

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Recent research shows that 83% of consumers prefer to buy products that are associated with a charity.

Online auctions are a cheap way for charities to expand their reach and involve contributing supporters. The Bidder feels that they benefit twice – once when they receive the item they have successfully bid and once when the charity receives the results.

Here's a tip for collecting more money – by placing online charity auctions, and building traffic to websites, this creates commercial sponsorship opportunities on the site, this business not only creates a halo effect around them from supporting good goals but enjoying online exposure to a targeted audience.

The often-heard argument is that by hosting an online charity auction you lose the benefits and excitement achieved through direct auction.

Online auctions can be run ahead of a direct auction, combining online winner offers with direct offers, therefore effectively people who make maximum bids online act as telephone bidders during direct auctions.

There is no need for mathematical genius to know that if millions of people globally can bid for the same item as people at a direct auction, it will only help push the winning bid up.

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