Beautify your Homes with Artificial Plants


Greenery boosts mental peace while increasing concentration of the mind. It has also been researched that greenery reduces stress levels in humans and provides a sense of tranquility.

But often live green plants call for a great deal of maintenance and dedicated nurturing. Ensuring proper sunlight and water, systemic pruning, trimming and de-potting and repotting of wilted plants requires extreme physical labour. The multitude of insects that are attracted due to the plants call for additional hassles.

Bring home faux plants and take care of all your greenery needs

All the problems associated with live green plants can be solved by purchasing artificial or faux plants. Plants for hire in Melbourne are available all across the city.

These plants are artificial and can be installed inside residential as well as commercial properties. These plants also provide the ease of being positioned outside in the garden as well as lawns, porches, porticos and lobbies.

Features and Uses of Faux Plants

Faux plants can imitate both flowering and non-flowering plants. They are generally made out of rubber, plastic moldings; stretched nylon netting spread over wire frame and ground clay. The flowers are generally made out of polyester fabric.

Artificial plants include flowering plants like Lavender, Jasmine, Peace Lily to non-flowering plants like Ficus bush, Fig trees to Ferns.

Apart from boosting the aesthetics of the indoor as well as outdoor premises, it has been found that rubber plants with extended foliage like Ficus Robusta improve the indoor air quality. They help in purifying the air by entrapping big chemical compounds and converting them into smaller, harmless fragments.

Therefore, these artificial plants can be used for all purposes which span from decoration to purification of air.

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