A Guide to Direct Mail for Nonprofits

Direct mails to existing donors emphasize how their contributions make a difference in the work done by non-profit. The data can be used to support the claim, such as additional facilities and staff coupled with increased donations.  

Keep Consistent Message

Nonprofit organizations must develop their own brand of communication in direct mail. So every piece of direct mail should be consistent with previous messages. This includes the design, logo and tagline, and details of direct mail postcard marketing activities.

It is always best to not drastically change details such as fonts, colors, and images in consecutive communications because they can appear consistent for the reader. The purpose of the message must be conveyed that a nonprofit run by knowledgeable people who work to make a difference in selected areas of their operations.

Give More Options to Respond

Any appeal fundraising need not always result in funds flowing to the organization. Often, prospective donors would like to know more about the organization before deciding to donate. So, the nonprofit must provide as many options as possible in direct mail for recipients to reach their teams. This includes the physical address, mailing address, website, email, phone contacts, and social media profiles.

Non-profits can also offer personalized website link. This link leads to a website that has a consistent message to appeal directly mentioned in the letter sent to the recipient. Providing more options not only broaden the base to incorporate young donors who prefer electronic means of communication but also showed that nonprofit organizations are keeping abreast of new developments.

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